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Mémo tableau

Mémo tableau€8.00

Sac Recette gâteau au chocolat

Sac Recette gâteau au chocolat€8.00

Shopping bag theme: recipe for chocolate cake - Recette gâteau au chocolate 50x22x42cms

Sac Recette Ratouille

Sac Recette Ratouille€8.00

Strong shopping bag with ratatouille recipe on it. 50X22X42 cms

Sac Recette salade de fruits

Sac Recette salade de fruits€8.00

Strong shopping bag with recipe for fruit salad in French. 50x22x42 cms

Watch deal
French watch - Montre française avec drapeau

French watch - Montre française avec drapeau€7.99

Beautiful French watch, blue silicone wrist strap, map of France on watch face with hour minute and second hands. Will suit small to large wrists. Buy any 5 and get a 6th watch for free. Also comes Spanish and German themed.

Canvas Le petit gâteau

Canvas Le petit gâteau€6.00

Canvas Le petit gâteau french theme canvas 28x28cms

Chopping Board Paris thème 1

Chopping Board Paris thème 1€5.00

Chopping board with symbols of Paris

Chopping Board Paris thème 2

Chopping Board Paris thème 2€5.00

Chopping board with Paris symbols

Sac Mes petites gourmandises (Olive green)

Sac Mes petites gourmandises (Olive green)€5.00

Strong shopping bag "Mes petites gourmandises"

Sac mes petits gourmandises (Pink)

Sac mes petits gourmandises (Pink)€5.00

Sac mes petites gourmandises 42x30x30cm.

Poster plastifié ''tête à tête''

Poster plastifié "tête à tête"€4.95

Laminated poster of Mesdames/Messieurs. Good for work on adjectives and descriptions. can be written on.

Canvas / Toile Macarons

Canvas / Toile Macarons€4.50

Canvas / Toile Macarons 15X25 cms

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Page 1 of 7:    84 Items
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Paris Pencil case

Paris Pencil case€3.99   €2.99

Paris Pencil case