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Class Decoration

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Spanish Starter Package 1

Spanish Starter Package 1€55.00

Spanish Starter Package contains 1 Spanish flag, 1 Spanish cape, 1 spanish wig, 1 set Spanish flashsticks, 2 medium flags on poles, 2 small Spanish flags on poles, 1 set Spanish colour face paint, 1 flashing LED fridge magnet/ Broche,1 Spanish colour watch, 1 Flamenco Spanish hat. All for 55 euro including postage saving you 10 euro.

Spanish Flag / Cape

Spanish Flag / Cape€5.90

Spanish Cape/flag.
85cm x 150cm ideal for class decoration or role plays.

Feliz Navidad wooden peg  decoration

Feliz Navidad wooden peg decoration€3.00

Set of 12 dice

Set of 12 dice€2.50

Set of 12 dice

Spanish theme border bundle

Spanish theme border bundle€1.20

Spanish theme border bundle

Medium Spanish flag (material)

Medium Spanish flag (material)€1.10

Small Spanish flag on a pole 15cm x 22cm. Flag made of material

Espaņa border

Espaņa border€0.60

Espaņa border 73mm x 990mm.

Spanish Photographic border

Spanish Photographic border€0.60

Spanish stars border

Spanish stars border€0.60

Spanish stars border

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items